We will find just the right candidate for the position you need.

Recruitment, placement
& the application process

We build up relationships with our clients based on trust, and work closely together to find the ideal candidate for the position they want to fill. Alongside traditional recruitment and placement services, we take on almost all personnel and recruitment-related tasks and handle the entire application process (for example by setting up assessment centres, organising recruitment days, profiling and videos as required).


Our clients aren’t just our customers; we consider them to be our partners with a view to developing long-term relationships. We communicate with our partners at all stages of the process. We actively engage in market research (regarding the wishes and goals of the candidate market, image, etc.), adapt to systems that the partner has put in place, and develop joint solutions and strategies – not only to find the right employees, but to ensure that they establish a long-term connection with the company.

Contract Sales

Our services also include a Contract Sales Organisation (CSO). If required, we’ll take care of targeting, target-group analysis and sales management, provide a sales force and the respective CRM systems, deal with management, control and reporting, and use pharmaceutical data and analyses to identify success. All from an experienced and competent provider.


Our team has successfully launched a number of products and medicines for the pharmaceutical industry.


We advise our clients on sales and marketing decisions and support them in their selection of temporary employment agencies. As a company formerly active in placing temporary employees, we have a high level of expertise in this sector.