About us

We promote and encourage the development of our employees.
Our philosophy isn’t to change people, but to support the personality
and individual character of each and every member of the team.



Thanks to a fantastic team and dedicated sales representatives, we spent a number of years building up an enormously successful company that specialised in recruitment and temporary employment. The last few years have seen a number of changes in the temporary employment sector. It is a business where companies are often dependent on clients, political decisions and projects, and often decisions have to be made against employees. Now, our day-to-day business focuses on providing a recruitment service where candidates are employed directly by the employer. The objective is to expand our activities in the personnel and recruitment industry to satisfy the demands of the market – both now and in the future.


Our work isn’t just about finding and placing the best talent, but also about supporting and developing these employees. That way, both the company and its staff are satisfied and successful in the long term.


Our team has years of experience in the personnel and temporary employment sectors, as well as in the marketing of pharmaceuticals and other products. In addition to developing entire product lines, our team has experience in coordinating and managing up to 1,000 employees in a number of areas.


This experience has helped the team to establish an exclusive network built upon mutual trust – a network we can use to benefit our partners.

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Teamwork, recognition, development, personality & work-life balance

We support you in your areas of expertise. In order to achieve this, we place great emphasis on teamwork, recognition, development, personality and work-life balance. Employees can work in the office or from home, are flexible in how they complete their tasks, and share in the success of the company. For example, our full-time employees work 32 hours a week. Our offices offer an employee-friendly environment, and workplaces are structured to allow colleagues to work on the move or at home (for example on a laptop, iPad, iPhone, workstation with standing desk or ergonomic chairs). We also offer our employees lunch, the opportunity to take part in fitness activities, and a number of team incentives. After all, success isn’t just earned together; it’s celebrated together, too.